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Spotlight on Gold Medallist Priya

Spotlight on Gold Medallist Priya

Completed Bulletin Board - Activities, Priya, Graduation

Completed Bulletin Board – Activities, Priya, Graduation

Yesterday, January 28, Christie, Marilyn and I decorated the big bulletin board in our church with Pravaham – see pictures attached. A week or so ago, IPC missions team had invited me to put up a display of Pravaham for the month of February. The bulletin board, about 96 inches wide (length) and 40 inches tall (height) is located in the hallway of our Jenny Hart Education Building. There’s a lot of traffic during the week from parents of the children going to pre-school. On Sunday there’s the children and adult Sunday school classes. A lot of people will see these pictures of Pravaham. I’m very grateful to our Missions Team for inviting us to share about Pravaham via this board for the second year. I was truly blessed to have Marilyn and Christie’s artistic talents. I’ve attached a few pictures of the display we put together and hope you will enjoy them.

We divided the board into three themes and the first (green background) features the art activities of the girls. We were also able to add the most recent picture of Dr. Vivian Churness, Anne and Pr. Devadoss with the current Class taken just this past weekend during their visit (Vivian and Anne were guests from San Pedro who visited Pravaham – their story was blogged separately and I will be printing a copy of their letter describing the visit and adding it to the display board). The middle panel (background yellow) showcases the success story of Priya, the gold medallist. The final panel shows pictures of the 2012 graduation, girls rehearsing for the ceremony, etc..

All photos (except one) were taken and contributed by Christie. Thanks, Christie! If you look closely enough you will even see that Uncle Samuel made it into the display; Bishop Ananda Rao Samuel was the founder of Pravaham.  The title display “Where in the Word is Pravaham?” is part of a poster that Jon made for their family presentation at IPC last year. On Jan 6, 2012 Jon who is the Irvine Pres. missions team chair and his beautiful family – Jennifer, Trisha, and Christina – shared about their visit to Pravaham in November 2011.

While we were doing the display and close to when we were getting finished I started to look around and noticed that there was another display right across from ours. Guess what it was titled? “Where in the world is Flat Stanley?” Now, how cool is that? Is our God awesome or what?

Class of 2012/2013 with Dr. Vivian Churness and Anne - Pr. Devadoss

Class of 2012/2013 with Dr. Vivian Churness and Anne – Pr. Devadoss

This delightful news comes by way of Angie who forwarded the email from Dr. Vivian describing their visit to Pravaham past weekend. The photos were downloaded from Senthil’s Facebook page. Thanks, Angie, Senthil!

We had a wonderful visit to Pravaham today.  Pastor Devadoss picked us up at the hotel in Ranipet and drove us through Vellore and other villages and up the hill on a winding road to Pravaham.  About a 2-2 1/2 hour drive. The young women are delightful.  I gave them greetings form the United Methodist Church in San Pedro and from you and Christie.   I can see why you like going there.  I would love to visit again.  Everyone I talked here knows about it and many have gone there for retreats and family holidays. We left at 8 AM and returned at 5 PM. It is 7:30 PM now and we will be eating soon and then to bed!  God bless you, Angie,  thank you for introducing Anne and I to these wonderful people.  God is at work here in a quiet way and is touching many lives.
Please feel free to copy parts of  this letter and send it on as you wish.
In the Pravaham Chapel with Dr. Vivian Churness and Anne

In the Pravaham Chapel with Dr. Vivian Churness and Anne


Pr. Devadoss leads in worship

Pr. Devadoss leads in worship


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